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still from Library Code of man looking at note in book

Library Code

A man’s afternoon routine is disrupted by a carefully placed note in a library book. The Library Code is about a man who is stuck in his ways and has a rigid system to how he likes to enjoy his free-time at the library. One day while reading a book about other people’s adventures he finds a piece of paper that will lead him on his own adventure in the library. This scavenger hunt takes him all over the library until he is led to the person behind the notes.

Release Date: 2023

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Jaclyn Lanae on motorcycle

Crashing: The Me I Was

Crashing: The Me I Was, a short documentary about author and motorcyclist Jaclyn Lanae, is a story about picking yourself up and continuing the journey repeatedly, because life is constantly running off the road.

Release Date: 2021

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Moon Friend still

Moon Friend

Moon Friend is a pandemic-inspired, short animation about a young girl confused and saddened by a sudden change in daily life, but her celestial friends show that she’s not in it alone.

Release Date: 2020

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Still from Hečhetu Welo (That is All) of Dwayne Wilcox's art

Hečhetu Welo (That is All)

Héčhetu Welo is all that Lakota artist Dwayne Wilcox has to say. Learn about the beginnings, early life, and inspiration Dwayne experienced growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota before his success as a visual artist.

Release Date: 2019

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